As part of administrating and operating educational and training programs and international certificates, TETEC offers a set of local and international electronic testing programs. These electronic testing programs are characterized by a number of features including :


1- Credibility: Tests are corrected electronically without any human interference .
2- Agility: Results appear immediately after the end of the test on the trainee's computer screen .
3- Flexibility: Trainees can sit for tests at any time, in any of the accredited centres .
4- Progression: Certificates’ different levels are adaptable to the trainee’s different requirements and needs .
5- Bilingualism: Trainees can choose to take the exam in either English or Arabic .

TETEC offers electronic testing services based on its expertise in delivering international certificates. The Company has employed various tests approved for international certificates, which assess the actual acquired skills. This improved system is characterized by the following :







It is an outstanding, integrated, and high-quality system for administrating and conducting tests that accurately and reliably measure the actual skills acquired by trainees without any bias. Questions and testing systems are offered in different formats and options: based on the nature of course subject, they can be interactive questions, simulation, modeling, and/or multiple-choice questions. Tests questions are formulated based on the adopted training curricula .



The system accommodates various amounts of questions related to all training materials. Questions can be modified and changed at any time. Also, questions and templates are selected randomly from a large database and according to the specified criteria .


The system is characterized by the feasibility of developing questions and their key answers seamlessly, as it does not require any software programming background .
The online system for administrating tests operations supports the functions of :

  - Exam venue/center management .
     - Candidate/student management .
  - Program management .
     - Exam Session management .
  - Results and Certificate Management .
     - Reporting and tracking .

Managing test sessions, extracting scores, and linking them to other systems to facilitate the process of aggregating all scores belonging to a certain test-taker and issuing certificates easily .


The electronic testing systems is characterized by adopting standardized and fair benchmarks that reliably measures the actual skills acquired by trainees .