Cambridge English: Young Learners consists of three key levels of assessment: Starters, Movers and Flyers.
The aims of the tests are to:

  Sample relevant and meaningful language use.
  Measure accurately and fairly.
  Present a positive first impression of international tests.
  Promote effective learning and teaching.
  Encourage future learning and teaching.

The three tests together form a bridge to take children learning English as a second language from beginner to basic user level (A2).
A wide range of textbooks and teaching materials which are used in classrooms with young learners throughout the world are reviewed as part of the ongoing test development process.
The tests and their presentation reflect the main content areas which frequently occur in these materials (topic, vocabulary, etc.). Both text and pictures are presented in a clear and attractive way, taking into account the age and background of the intended candidates.
The table below indicates the common characteristics and variations in the different levels of the test.