Title : Diploma in Theory and Practice in Formative Assessment .

SCQF Credit Rating Body : Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Copyright and Ownership : National Company for Training & Education Technologies (TETEC) .

SCQF Level : 11

Code : GL6N04

No of hours : 180

Duration : One academic year

Language : English & Arabic

Beneficiaries : Teachers of all grades and member of staff in Higher Education .

Pre-requisite : Bachelor degree BA, BSc.

Objective : This qualification supply pre-service trainees and in-service teachers/lecturers with a sound grounding in the basics of identifying, defining and using the strategies, techniques and methods of Formative Assessment .

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Certificate Program : Three module :

  • The Principles and Purposes of Assessment
  • The Key Features of Formative Assessment
  • Formative Assessment and Theories of Learning

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