The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation signed an agreement to propagate International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Talal Abu Ghazaleh Group and the National Company for Training and Educational Technologies in the presence of an official from the University of Cambridge in Riyadh City. The Certificate is one of the renowned International certificates, and it has two levels: Basic and Advanced. The agreement included all of the stipulations that guarantee precise supervision of this certificate and the quality of its output. Out of this agreement, the program will be accredited and propagated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on the quality standards approved by the Corporation and the University of Cambridge (International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) Examinations).Dr. Fahd At-Tuwaijri, vice governor of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the General Supervisor of the private sector services, emphasized that the Corporation, starting from its targets and tasks and by virtue of its responsibility towards the Training in the Kingdom,

always seeks to find the best in the field of Training through developing local training programs and attracting the distinguished International training programs. At-Tuwaijri mentioned that the agreement confirms the concern of the Corporation to raise the quality of training in the Kingdom, and that it is keen that the trainees get acquainted with the required skills and the necessary knowledge in the field of Computer and its applications, especially that International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) is one of the pioneering international certificates in this field. This certificate has an international and Arabian acknowledgement with the proficiency of those who obtain this certificate in information technology.
The Corporation expects, God willing, that this certificate will be an addition to the training market.At-Tuwaijri stated that the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation encourages the International Training bodies licensed in the Field of Training and awarding International professional Certificates, provided that these programs and certificates are subject to strict supervision that ensures the quality of operating these programs, and gives reliability to its certificates. The Corporation continues to sign agreements for such international certificates pursuant to the quality standards and direct supervision, and based on the rules and regulations governing the training process. The vice governor mentioned that the Corporation, with the means provided to it by the state, is keen to spread the information technology culture in the society, and to qualify the national cadres with high skills through the training programs that it implements or supervises.
He added that the Corporation opens the way for any international body that has certificates that offer an addition to the training market in the Kingdom, to come forward to the Corporation in order to sign a similar agreement as long as it realizes the quality standards and submit to the strict and full supervision of the Corporation. On his side, the executive director of Talal Abu Ghazaleh group reported that this international Certificate "International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE)" bears the highest quality standards, and we are proud with the participation of the Corporation in propagating the program in the Kingdom, based on the criteria, regulations and rules that govern the training process in the Kingdom; and we are confident that the quality and efficiency standards of this Certificate that is accredited by University of Cambridge, will be a motive to achieve the Corporation's objectives in raising the level of the training programs, and spreading Information Technology in the Kingdom, and we are looking forward to the cooperation in all of the other available fields. Mr. William Beckerdick, the regional manager of International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) Examinations- University of Cambridge, emphasized that International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) has been designed and developed by International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) Examinations.
The program is accredited in more than 155 countries, wherein the trainees obtain the certificate which represents the training passport most accepted in The Business world. The Certificate's purpose is to prepare an efficient trainee who acquired an International Certificate accredited from a deeply-rooted University which is the British University of Cambridge. It is accredited also in more than 155 countries over the world and is subject to a preparation, design, development and supervision system directly from the University. Mr. Beckerdick referred to that the program is subject to continuous update by University of Cambridge, as the Certificate was designed to be propitious for the requirements of the Job market, and it grants the trainee a professional qualification that has a high value, globally accepted and enhances the Vocational training capabilities because the program enjoys the trust of employers for its high quality. From another side, the General Manager of the National Company for Training and Educational Technologies explained that there are several International Organizations, Universities, governmental sectors, Vocational Institutions and Arabian and International bodies had accredited International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE). He added that the certificate is divided into two levels: the first level is Basic certificate for Information Technology, and the second level is Advanced certificate for Information Technology, and by this it grants the trainee wide options in obtaining any of the two certificates according to his level.
Also, the curriculum contains the basic skills in using Computer technology represented by seven training modules include developed professional qualifications and skills that meet the requirements of the job market in computer uses, and these are: First module: Introduction to information Technology, second: Using Computer and file management, Third: Text Processing, Fourth: Spreadsheets and Worksheets, Fifth: Information and Communication, Sixth: Data Bases, and the Seventh: Presentations. It is worth mentioning that the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has subjected this certificate for experiment and evaluation and experimentally applied it on a group of supervisors who are specialized in Information Technology and a group of trainees for three months at different locations. All the results were excellent and the corporation will fully supervise the Certificate to guarantee the quality of its output and the continuity of developing its scientific subjects and applied examinations. it also will seek its accreditation by the governmental and private recruitment bodies in the Kingdom.