The National Company for Training and Education Technologies sponsored the English Language and Translation Forum and Exhibition held at Prince Sultan University, represented by the Teaching and Learning Center at the Girls’ College with the participation of thirty international experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to scientific papers that were presented at four extended sessions, the Forum also included a number of activities, including academic courses and workshops as well as an exhibition that included booths representing 17 parties interested in teaching English in the Kingdom. The Forum was held under the title of «Communicating for a Successful Future» and lasted three days. It aimed to discuss the best methods and practices for improving the level of the English language in the Middle East, as language is a powerful tool for developing individuals and promoting efficiency in various aspects of their lives. Language also qualifies individuals to access the best opportunities, not to mention its role in global connectivity and intercultural understanding. The Forum witnessed extensive presence,
and it caught the attention of researchers, faculty members, translators, and students. Prince Sultan University’s Academic Affairs and Research provost, Dr. Abed Al Hafiz Fida, met with Dr. Jamal Alhfeza, the General Manager of the National Company for Training and Education Technologies and expressed his appreciation of the Company’ s sponsorship of this important Forum. On his part, Dr. Jamal Alhfeza expressed the Company’s pleasure to have this sponsorship opportunity which comes as a part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility and its ongoing support of activities and events that contribute to the empowerment of local youth, raise their professionalism, and enhance their chances in the job market through equipping them with needed IT and English skills.
It is worth mentioning that the National Company for Training and Education Technologies is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom in providing training, education, and evaluation solutions. The Company is the national operator of the Cambridge International Certificates in Information Technology, which represents one of the educational branches of the University of Cambridge, a university that is classified as one of the best five universities in the world. The Company is also the exclusive representative of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Cambridge IT Skills Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the exclusive operator of the Cambridge Certificate in Arab countries. The Cambridge certificate is accredited by various civil and military sectors in the Kingdom, including the Ministry of Civil Service and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.