Project management approach

TETEC methodology is based on the following:
• Collect and analyse project requirements.
• Develop project plan based on the requirement of the project and the project objectives, and provide detailed project time line.
• Managing and administering the execution of the plan.
• Manage communication with all stakeholders.
• Provide sufficient and suitable resources.
    * Assign a qualified project team with the highest technical levels needed to manage and administer the project plan execution.
    * Use Tools and Technology to facilitate project operation ,such as :
       - Email.
       - Online Portal.
       - Online system to submit entries, reports….
       - Webinar tools (training).
       - Through our ITSM system (ticket system) to manage the technical support.

• Monitoring and controlling the execution of project plan.
• Providing required deliverables (reports, results…) that satisfy stakeholder requirements.

Quality management

TETEC has identified a group of key processes that support the quality framework. These Processes are:

Accreditation and approval visits:
TETEC conducts an accreditation visit to any centre willing to become an approved test centre. The centre should send a request for the visit and a confirmation that it has the required specifications to become an approved centre and to offer the qualifications.
TETEC will check that the centre meets the approval centre criteria, and that the centre has the staff and resources needed to offer the qualifications.

Internal verification:
TETEC requires that all candidates in the centre entered for the same qualification are assessed to a specified standard. Centre internal verification procedures should ensure that the assessors are making consistent and accurate assessment decisions.

External verification:
TETEC has a team of external verifiers drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds,
including education and industry, who are subject experts and/or occupationally competent. Their role is to confirm that the assessment decisions which are made in the centre consistently meet national standards, and TETEC provides them with training so that they can carry out verification to high standards.

Inspection visits:
TETEC conducts regular visits to ensure compliance of centres with quality standards and measures. Upon the visit, the inspector will provide constructive feedback to the centre on the findings of the visit and agree an action plan with the centre for the implementation of any required corrective actions.

Supervision /Invigilating:
TETEC quality assurance criteria state that all exam sessions should be held under the supervision of exam invigilators to implement standardization requirements for all qualifications and assessments.
A team of supervisors to attend all tests monitors all certificate tests. The certificate administration is keen to monitor all tests without exception to ensure the quality of the testing process. In monitoring tests, TETEC adapted awarding bodies standards (CIE, Cambridge English Language Assessment, SQA and ISO 9001. This is accomplished through employing administrative and technical procedures before, during, and after testing to ensure proper implementation.